2. Long articles

2.1 Blueprint for a Partner State

The Partner State is a concept where public authorities assist in the direct creation of value by civil society, and promote commons-based Peer Production.

2.2 10 ways to Accelerate the Peer to Peer and Commons Economy

What is peer production and commons economics? More importantly, how can they help bring about a thriving economy that work for people and planet?

2.3 From Platform to Open Cooperativism

Two movements mesh cooperative traditions with the digital revolution: Platform Cooperativism, and Open Cooperativism. How do they relate?

2.4 Design global, manufacture local: a new industrial revolution?

What if globally designed products could radically change how we work, produce and consume? Let’s share digital resources to produce for local needs.

2.5 Commons in the Time of Monsters

Can Commons and P2P practices offer viable solutions for our present and future social, political and ecological crises? This is the story of how it’s done.