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How Does The Commons Work?

Short animated film illustrating some principal features of David Bollier’s vision for how we can manage the Commons cooperatively and fairly.

P2P and Utopia

FLOSS and Wikipedia are only some examples of the P2P movement that is building the world it wants within the confines of the fragmented world it wants to transcend.

An Introduction to Basic P2P Ideas

Four short videos specifically designed to introduce newcomers to Commons-oriented P2P approaches to politics, economics, fairness and sustainability.

Commons Based Peer Production in a Nutshell

Commons-based peer production (CBPP) is a new and increasingly significant model of social innovation based on collaborative production.

Value Regimes And Where Your Job Might Be Going In The Future

Society is shifting from a production mode based on value created in a market system to one which recognizes broader value streams.

The P2P Foundation’s work in a nutshell

Enjoy this very concise three-minute audio description of the P2P Foundation’s work and ideals by our founder, Michel Bauwens.

Silke Helfrich on Patterns of Commoning

What are the patterns of commoning? Michel Bauwens interviews Silke Helfrich on her work in the commons, and her latest Commons Stategies Group anthology.

Michel Bauwens on the Commons Transition

“We are currently experiencing both a failure of the State and of the market, and so we need new initiatives from civil society to address and solve these issues. ” An in-depth interview with Michel Bauwens.

​800 Years of Commoning: The Meaning of the Magna Carta

Full video recording of a Commons Strategies Group event held in Berlin to commemorate the 800 anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Digital Communities, Radical Atoms and P2P

Stacco Troncoso defines P2P, the Commons and how they inter-relate, while distinguishing generative P2P interactions from other, more harmful, contexts.