P2P and Utopia

FLOSS and Wikipedia are only some examples of the P2P movement that is building the world it wants within the confines of the fragmented world it wants to transcend.

Text by Vasilis Kostakis: Yochai Benkler’s Wealth of Networks was published in 2006. I first read it in 2007 and began talking publicly about commons-based peer production (CBPP) shortly after. At the end of my presentations, I would argue that CBPP practices can expand in or influence the material sphere of production too.

The audience would find hard to share such a view: “That’s non-sense” or “that goes no-where”. ​”No-where”, I thought, like the Greek Ου+τοπία (U-topia, No-place/where). And then this 3-min-long video was created that had served as a post-script of our presentations for five years. It argued why Utopias are important.

Now there are plenty of cases on the confluence of CBPP and manufacturing that demonstrate how we have moved towards this Utopia; and, in the meantime, she moved two steps further…

Lead image by Sean Parker